I’m back in Victoria and starting to emerge from my jet-lag fog and feeling guilty about how far behind my blog is. I only got halfway through describing my trip, before our busy schedule (and erratic Internet access) kept me from updating. I probably should have Tweeted the trip instead!  I’ll try to catch up and fill in the blanks of the last few weeks, which were as equally fascinating and inspiring as the first half of the trip. In the meantime, let me break down my journey by the numbers.

Days: 30
Kilometres driven: 2,942
Damage I did to rental car: $140 US
Kibbutzim visited: 23
Other intentional communities visited: 6
Swims in the ocean: only 1 (we were working!)
Humous and pita consumed: too much to count
Shoe stores visited in Jerry’s ultimate fruitless quest for the perfect man-sandals: 10+
Members of Parliament we interviewed: 1 (Haim Oron)
Heads of state who declined a meeting: 1 (Eli Avivi of Achzibland was under the weather)
A month in Israel: priceless