Playing Tips

There is no one way to “win” at Kibbutz: The Settlers of Palestine. You must decide on your own what a successful kibbutz looks like. Should your community have a large Population, a growing Economy, a famous Reputation, or strong group Solidarity—or a combination of all four variables?

There are, however, several ways to lose:

  • If your Population hits 0 or less, your kibbutz has been abandoned… and Game Over!
  • If your Solidarity hits 0 or less, your members also decide to abandon the kibbutz’s communal philosophy… and Game Over.
  • If your Economy goes below -20, your kibbutz goes bankrupt… and Game Over.

If your Solidarity ever falls below 40, you risk the General Assembly voting against your suggested choice… and losing control of your kibbutz’s destiny.

Your chosen Ideology may also affect the outcome of your choices:

  • A Marxist kibbutz is committed to international solidarity and co-existence
  • A Socialist kibbutz upholds the communal ideal of its members and movement
  • A Labor Zionist kibbutz wants to grow the nation of Israel and its economy
  • A Religious kibbutz supports the traditional values of the Jewish faith.

The geographical region you choose to settle also gives a small boost to certain variables at the founding of your kibbutz:

  • A kibbutz in the North has a greater Reputation
  • A kibbutz in the East has a stronger Solidarity and larger starting Population
  • A kibbutz in the South begins with a stronger Economy but weaker Reputation

Finally, every playthrough will be different, as you face randomly chosen dilemmas and challenges to overcome. That said, there are five major situations (based on historical events) you must face every time. Try to remember these five “boss battles” each time you play and decide which option best suits your personal goals and your kibbutz’s ideology.