Kibbutz: The Settlers of Palestine

A social simulation game

Kibbutz: The Settlers of Palestine is an interactive online simulation — yes, a video game — that allows readers/players to assume the role of a kibbutz pioneer and guide their community through 100 years of history. Can you increase your kibbutz’s economy, population and reputation, as you try to maintain the social solidarity required by this experiment in radical democracy? What ideology will you uphold? Where in Palestine will you settle? And how will you define “success” in your utopian venture?

Every playthrough — just like every kibbutz — is different.

Kibbutz: The Settlers of Palestine stands on its own as a “choose your own utopia” historical simulation. Of course, you will have a strategic advantage if you read Chasing Utopia and understand more about kibbutz history…

Play Kibbutz: The Settlers of Palestine here on any browser. Challenge your friends to beat your score. Use it in the classroom to teach the history of Israel and the kibbutz.

If you want a few tips on how to play and “succeed” in the kibbutz game, check out this cheat sheet.

If you want to learn more about the design of the simulation, go to this background page.

And if you want historical and social context to the various choices, visit this list of references.