There is No Other Ending

Jewish Renaissance Magazine (Winter 2024)


Leaving Eden:

One man’s quest for community in a divided land

Profile of David Sheen in Communities Magazine (Spring 2016), adapted from Chapter 17 of Chasing Utopia

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There is No Other Ending,” 3,000-word feature, Jewish Renaissance (international), January 2024.

High School Confidential,” 650-word column, Island Parent (Regional), November 2021.

Bucket Time,” 650-word column, Island Parent (Regional), June 2021.

Year of the Dog,” 650-word column, Island Parent (Regional), March 2021.

Up (and Down) the Creek,” 650-word column, Island Parent (Regional), August 2020.

Love in the Time of COVID-19,” 650-word column, Island Parent (Regional), April 2020.

Heart, Broken,” 650-word column, Island Parent (Regional), February 2020.

A Family’s Life in Exile,” 650-word column, Island Parent (Regional), November 2019.

It’s Not Your Call,” 650-word column, Island Parent (Regional), August 2019.

Arms and the Boy,” 650-word column, Island Parent (Regional), May 2019.

Choosing Their Own Adventures,” 650-word column, Island Parent (Regional), February 2019.

“The Age of Aquariums,” 650-word column, Island Parent (Regional), November 2018.

“Fortnight of the Living Dead,” 650-word column, Island Parent (Regional), August 2018.

“The Sound of Music,” 650-word column, Island Parent (Regional), March 2018.

“White Out,” 650-word column, Island Parent (Regional), December 2017.

“Fault Lines,” 650-word column, Island Parent (Regional), September 2017.

Fields of Dreams,” 650-word column, Island Parent (Regional), June 2017.

Story Time,” 650-word column, Island Parent (Regional), March 2017.

Love Trumps Hate,” 650-word column, Island Parent (Regional), December 2016.

Making Memories,” 650-word column, Island Parent (Regional), September 2016.

Leaving Eden: One Man’s Quest for Community in a Divided Land,” 3,800-word profile of activist David Sheen, Communities (International), Spring 2016.

Hop on Pop,” 650-word column, Island Parent (Regional), May 2016.

Games for Change,” 700-word article, Island Parent (Regional), March 2016.

Our Force Awakens,” 650-word column, Island Parent (Regional), February 2016.

Confessions of a Reluctant Sports Dad,” 900-word column, Island Parent (Regional), November 2015.

Screens in Cars,” 400-word editorial about technology and children, Today’s Parent (National), April 2015.

Grand Theft Utopia: What Can Video Games Teach Us About Community?” 1,400-word personal essay about video games and community, Communities (International), Winter 2014.

“Student start-ups: racing towards innovation, or killing creativity?” 450-word op-ed about on-campus technology incubators, The Queen’s Journal (Regional), Sept. 10, 2014.

The Pacific Rim Loop,” 1,400-word travel article about a road trip with kids, Today’s Parent (National), July 2014

“Gamification for Online Engagement in Higher Education: A Randomized Controlled Trial,” peer-reviewed scholarly article about the use of gamification tools in a university classroom, GLS 10 Conference Proceedings, ETC Press (International), 2014.

TED: Spectacle in the City,” 2,500-word feature about TED Conference moving to Vancouver, B.C. Business (Regional), February 2014.

“What Does It Mean Now?” Online article about craft of creative nonfiction, Canada Writes, (National), January 7, 2013.

Greening Your ‘Hood,” 1,800-word memoir about suburbia, kibbutzes and sustainable design, Communities (International), Winter 2012.

“It Takes an Ecovillage,” 2,500-word feature about sustainable communities, British Columbia Magazine (Regional), Fall 2012.

Facing the Hunter,” 900-word review of David Adams Richards’ memoir, The Malahat Review (International), Fall 2012.

“Six Ways to Do the Shuswap,” 2,500-word travel feature about the Shuswap Trail Alliance, British Columbia Magazine (Regional), Fall 2011.

“Simon Whitfield 3.0,” 5,000-word feature profile (reprint), explore: Canada’s Outdoor Magazine (National), Summer 2011.

“Secrets of the Sound,” 2,800-word feature about archaeology and First Nations culture in Barkley Sound, British Columbia Magazine (Regional), Summer 2011.

“Here Comes the Ride,” 1,000-word service feature about choosing a bicycle, Boulevard Magazine (Local), June 2011.

“Take Your Cougar to Work Week,” 650-word personal essay, Canadian Wildlife Magazine (National), Spring 2011.

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“Secrets of Klemtu,” 2,500-word feature about the First Nations community of Klemtu, B.C., British Columbia Magazine (Regional), Fall 2009, pages 22-29.

“Don’t Fear the Reno Man?” 2,500-word feature-length memoir / humour story, 2 Magazine (National), Spring 2009.

Danger: This Park is Melting,” 4,000-word travel and environmental feature about Auyuittuq National Park, explore: Canada’s Outdoor Magazine (National), March 2009.

“Pulled from the Brink,” 900-word book reviews of Explorers of the Infinite and The Third Man, Canadian Geographic (National), January/February 2009.

Show Me the Monkeys!” 2,500-word eco-tourism feature about Costa Rica, Canadian Geographic (National), Winter 2008.

Excerpt from Fatal Tide (1,200 words), online edition of Sharp: Canada’s Magazine for Men (National), September 2008.

Freelance Slackers, Beware: Big Brother is Watching,” 1,100-word news story about online outsourcing, Life section, The Globe and Mail (National), August 11, 2008, L1, 3.

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He Was Pushed,” 2,000-word excerpt from Fatal Tide, Financial Post Business (National), July/August 2008, pages 98-101.

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A Deadly Crossing,” 5,500-word investigative feature, explore: Canada’s Outdoor Magazine (National), May 2008, pages 38-43, 76-77, 80-81.

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extreme RIP (1970-2002): An adventurous adjective bites the dust,” explore (National), Jan./Feb. 2002, page 19.

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