In the last two days a was in Florence. In Florence I visited l’acadamia del arte, it is home to the most famous statue in the world Michelangelo’s “David”. The statue depicts David from the bible. Many people argue if the statue depicts David before or after he defeated Goliath but I think it depicts him before because in the statue he is holding his sling and a rock but in many paintings of him after he killed Goliath he is holding the head of Goliath.

Vatican City

Yesterday I went to the Vatican City. I learnt that the Vatican City is actually a country. Inside the Vatican City I went to the saint peters basilica, it is the biggest church in the world. The saint peters basilica is home to Michael Angelo’s famous sculpture the Pieta, many of the later parts of the game basilica where designed by Michael Angelo.

Colloseum Trip

Today I visited the colloseum. I learnt that the colloseum could once  hold up to 75 thousand people. I also learnt that the main attractions there where animal fights, public executions and most of all gladiator fights. I learnt that gladiators where mostly slaves and prisoners of war trying to win there freedom. If a gladiator could survive 5 years of gladiator fights he would be set free (they fought about 2-3 fights a year).

First post

I am excited to learn about Italien culture specifically the cuisine and architecture. I do not know much about the country so when I come back from the trip, I hope to be somewhat competent in the history of the country and everything else.