When we were in Florence (also known as Firenze in Italian) we had lots of great new experiences. Such as visiting the home of the famous statue created by Michelangelo Buonarroti, the David. In 1501 Michelangelo started his work on David at age 26. He is nearly 17 feet and weighs 5,660 kg. David stood outside in Piazza della Signorina for over 400 years, he then had too be restored in 2003 before being put in the Academia gallery . If you look closely you can see weather stains on his back. He was not strong enough to defeat the giant with his own two hands, so he had to use his wisdom. In the statue he is holding a sling in his left hand and a rock in his right hand. To defeat the giant he slingshot a rock in between the giants eyes. The story of David is in the bible. We also visited the Uffizi gallery, looking at the famous  Leonardo da Vinci paintings and more of Michelangelo paintings and sculptures. We also went swimming in a really nice outdoor pool. Now we are in Bologna and we will be watching the Europe and Africa baseball Olympic qualifiers. And hopefully taking a pasta making class.