Our first two days in Rome  have been packed with adventures. Today we visited the colosseum, Rome’s favourite source of entertainment back in the days. Gruesome gladiator fights, bloody executions and exotic animals, always something for the romans to enjoy. The colosseum can hold up to 75,000 people and is also known as the Flavian amphitheatre. After we visited 3 fountains and had awesome gelato! That’s the update for today, thanks for reading! I will be back tomorrow for another post. Bye!!!

A bit about Briar

Hi my name is Briar, I live in Victoria with my family and our soon to be dog 🐕. My favourite sports are softball 🥎, volleyball 🏐, basketball 🏀, soccer ⚽️and gymnastics 🤸‍♀️. I also enjoy music 🎶, both listening and playing. My favourite artist is Taylor Swift. I play the clarinet and percussion at school 🏫and I play the piano 🎹out of school. In my spare time I usually like to read. Right now I’m reading 📖lots of books by Susin  Nielsen they are great for middle grade readers. I hope you got to know a bit about me by reading this. Thank you!

The three things I’m most looking forward too.

1. Food: I’m really excited to try homemade gelato🍦 and fresh pesto pasta.

2. Venice: I’m looking forward to riding a gondola.

3. Beaches 🏖 : I’m also looking forward to swimming in the clear water of Europe.


Hello I am just doing a test post!